Worried about Food Safety during Monsoon?

Monsoon is that time of the year when people are relieved with cool refreshing showers pouring down from the heaven after bearing the scorching summer heat. With the drizzle and mind-boggling greenery around come, a dozen diseases which are water and foodborne. The general immunity of the people is low during the season and we need to take very good care of ourselves during this period. But how do we know how to prevent these diseases and what to eat during monsoon season?


Here are 10 Ways to Eat Right during Monsoon:


1. No Fried & Junk foods. Eat homemade healthy food and Include Garlic, Pepper, Ginger, Asafoetida (Hing), Jeera powder, Turmeric and Coriander in food as it helps enhance digestion and improves immunity

2. No munching on raw vegetables/ salads, raw vegetable juices and say no to all kind of leafy vegetables like “Palak”

3. No carbonated drinks. Drink only fresh fruit juices filled with good Fiber content. Drink boiled and/or filtered water. Coconut water will also be great

4. Do not skip your exercise regime.

5. Drink a lot of hot milk, Warm clear soup and stew and green tea

6. Use honey liberally in your diet. Say no to Refined Sugar

7. No to fish, prawns and non-vegetarian food. This is their breeding season.

8. Do not eat stale food. Only freshly cut and cooked foods. Eat a lot of Corn “Bhutta”

9. Do not forget your daily dose of Protein to keep your muscles from breaking down. Supplement your food with a good source of Whey Protein.

10. Every time you go out, please wash your hands properly with an antiseptic, upon returning



However, with all these things to keep in mind, do not forget, the monsoon is a season of love, fun, frolic and joy. Spread the happiness and enjoy the rains. HAPPY MONSOON!!!






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