Whey Protein Myths you should stop believing

Whey Protein Myths

The whey protein market is  growing exponentially in last few years.  The growing trend of fitness activities, increasing health consciousness towards food and lifestyle the demand for supplements is increasing drastically.
There is a huge dilemma and reluctancy to consume whey because of lack of knowledge and ignorance of consumer.

Here are some myth busting facts of Whey.

  1. Myth 1- It is an Artificial Product.
    Reality- Whey Protein is a nutraceuticals product.  As per FSSAI, nutraceuticals shall provide a physiological benefit and help maintain good health. They are prepared from
    natural ingredients.
    Whey Protein is extracted out of Cows Milk. The liquid obtained out of cheese making process is nothing but whey. It goes through various filtration technique and spray dried to obtain Whey Protein powder.
  2. Myth- It makes Women Bulky
    Reality is that whey cannot make a women bulky. Women and men have a different anatomy and hormones. The hormone responsible for muscle growth is testosterone & Human Growth Hormone. The testosterone produced in men is much higher than in women, so there is no possibility of women being as bulky.
    Whey Protein supplies protein to the body. It is the hormone responsible for the bulky physique.
  3. Whey has innumerable Side effects
    Myth- Whey causes bloating, indigestion, acne, hairfall etc.
    Reality- Whey Protein is Protein is very essential for hair growth and can never lead to hair fall.
    It is the inadequate fiber intake; water intake can cause such problems. It is the other ingredients added in whey that can cause the problem. Therefore it is suggested to read the label before buying the product. Always purchase the product from trusted sources.  If you already suffering from any medical conditions please consult your nutritionist before purchasing the product.
  4. It can damage your kidney.
    The major function of kidney is to eliminate nitrogen released in protein metabolism. There is no conclusive evidence that protein leads to kidney damage in healthy individuals.
    Research says that high protein diet can harm kidneys with existing Kidney Related Condition. Therefore, such individuals should take protein under expert supervision.
  5. Whey Protein is only for Athletes
    Reality- Our Indian diet is high in carbs and lack enough protein. The basic function of protein is to provide structure to the body and supply material for repair and maintenance. Protein is essential to the human body and therefore it is required for all (athlete, fitness enthusiast, housewife, senior citizens) and is not limited to athlete.
    Whey Protein is safe and can be consumed by people of all age groups. However it can cause discomfort to those with lactose intolerant or are allergic to Milk, therefore should be avoided. It is always better to research and take expert advice than  relying on any random internet knowledge.

Nt Shruti Sethna
Certified Sports Nutritionist

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