Vegan BCAA

Vegan BCAA

BCAA (Branched chain amino acids) are one of the most well-known fitness supplements. They’re widely used by the power athletes, marathon runner, boxers, tennis players, and almost all body builders. We all know about the benefits of protein, but did you know that our body breaks down protein into amino acids, and the three main amino acids our body uses to repair our muscles are known as the BCAA, these are:
• Leucine
• Isoleucine
• Valine
There’s is no denying evidence. If you are looking to get more out of your workouts, BCAAs are one of the most effective supplements to help you do so.

Many of the Branched chain amino acids are synthesised from duck feathers, kitten fur, and even human hairs. A study in 2013, by American Journal of food science found that the Chinese market has become notorious for using pig fur and duck feather as a source of their amino acids.

What Next…
We are adding BCAA to our best-selling protein powder and have recently launched our very own vegan BCAA powder.
So what changed?
There have been a pretty nice developments In the world of BCAA production that allow us to source BCAAs that we can use with clean conscience. We can now source BCAA from plants as well. These plant based BCAA provides the exactly the same effectiveness as a standard BCAA. Which means you can still get all the benefits of BCAA without having to worry about potentially consuming human hairs or pig fur.
It’s good for your health! It’s good for your fitness! And it’s good for the planet!

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