How to build sixpack abs

Last week while watching Disha Patani dancing to a song in the movie “Malang!” I wish I had a Six Pack like her”. Now we are sure that a lot of women can relate to this feeling. Every woman at some point in their life must have thought WHO SAYS A GIRL CAN’T HAVE SIX-PACK? So, if you want to know how to get that Six Pack then follow these tips:

  1. The basic thumb rule is “Don’t starve, eat Smartly” – – for an effective weight loss you don’t have to skip the meals, instead of planning meals & exercising the portion control is the better practice which will help to keep the body’s metabolism running properly throughout the day.
  2. There are no good or bad foods – – Eating the right kind, the right amount of food at the right time is going to help you get that perfect figure. There are some foods that contain more nutrients, but if we balance foods from a variety of food groups, we will get the required amount of nutrition. We should focus on healthy food choices rather than individual foods to be strictly avoided.
  3. Carbohydrates are not bad – – Carbohydrates are important fuel sources and also have plenty of health benefits. The secret lies in the selection of the right kind of carbohydrates such as whole-grain cereals, oats etc.  These will provide you with sustained energy supply and you will not feel hungry often.
  4. Protein is most important – – Protein builds up the muscle mass in your body which in turn helps in increasing your BMR.  Also, it is responsible for giving a toned look to the body. Good sources of protein include egg white, poultry, lean meat, and fish. For vegetarians’ milk and milk products, soybean, whole pulses and dals provide a good amount of protein. If your diet doesn’t provide enough protein, then Whey Protein can be used as a nutritional supplement to cover the deficiency. Increase Protein consumption at night and cut down on carbohydrates. This will ensure that the body doesn’t utilize existing muscle mass during the night for its energy requirement.
  5. Eat nuts and oilseeds as they are good sources of minerals. Some nuts and oilseeds like Walnuts, flaxseeds, mustard seeds are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are the only kind of fats that help in fat loss.
  6. Avoid fruit juices. They have higher sugar content which will just add unnecessary calories. Instead have whole fruits as it will provide you with fiber along with the vitamins and minerals. You may be thinking that juices come from the fruit so they must be nutritionally equivalent. But it is wrong. Firstly, the pulp & skin of the fruit is left behind which is an excellent source of dietary fibers. And Sugar from a Whole fruit accumulates in your blood at a lower & slower rate whereas drinking a fruit juice will lead to a spike in blood sugar.
  7. Always start your meals with water or buttermilk. This will ensure quicker satiety and thus decrease the number of calories consumed. Also, when you hydrate the stomach is prepared for food, it will wake up the taste buds & moisturizes the stomach lining so acidic foods won’t be uncomfortable.
  8. Eat in small size plates. This will ensure better portion control and provide psychological satiety.
  9. Munch on foods like asparagus, celery, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini etc. These foods are called negative calorie foods i.e. the calories needed to digest these foods are much more than the gross calorie content in them. Therefore, such foods do not provide any calories but give you satiety.
  10. Exercise along with diet is important to get that perfect figure. Exercise helps us to burn fat, diet alone won’t do that and exercise will also help to boost your metabolism meaning you will burn more calories all day long. In addition, to help in weight loss, exercise can help to decrease the risk of chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer & diabetes) & brain health with improvements in memory & learning. A combination of Weight training and Cardio exercise is perfect. Cardio will help you to burn fat. But to ensure this you need to do at least 40mins of cardio exercise at a moderate intensity. Weight training will help you build up muscle mass. If you are tired of regular Gym workout then try out variations Go for Circuit training, boot camp training or functional training, which are also good workouts for weight loss. 

Remember that you are not going to achieve the six-pack overnight by just wishing for it. Start by making small changes and you will see the big difference that they bring about in your appearance.


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