Muscle Building Nutrition – What to Eat for Clean Bulking?

Muscle Building Nutrition

Very often these days do we see the millennials posting photos of their post-gym sessions on social mediums solely for attracting more followers. This is the very modern healthy culture that has helped the youth to become increasingly conscious about their lifestyle habits. Hitting the gym for multiple hours a day and following the same routine every day for a certain period of time tells us that people have started to care about their overall health and physique while also making us understand how important fitness is today for them in today’s times. But that hard-earned muscular body won’t sustain for long if you don’t inculcate a healthy diet in your regime.

And if increasing the overall muscle mass, meaning, if ‘Bulking’ is what the athletes are looking at, then they’ll also have to focus on what they consume. Usually, the process involves more calorie intake as time progresses.

Calorie Requirement:

A count of 500 to 1000 calories a day is necessary. It is recommended to divide the intake into 3 parts. 40-60% carbohydrates, 25-35% protein, and 15-25% fat.


Carbs form an important source of energy during training. When consumed, they are broken down and used to restore glycogen stores within the muscle. Thus, its consumption before the training prevents glycogen depletion in the body. Ideally, your diet must include complex carbs like Dals, legumes, and millets, oats. During pre-workout, aim for slow-release carbs like sweet potato. Choosing sugary and processed foods to speed up the bulking process is a strict no since it leads to fat gain.


Proteins and muscle-building go hand in hand. The macro-nutrient which is full of amino acids is essential for muscle tissue repair and maintenance of muscle growth. Adequate protein consumption leads to a positive nitrogen balance. This balance helps the body to go into an anabolic muscle-building state. Its inadequate consumption can compel the body to use the available protein in the body that will ultimately slow down the muscle-building process. Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and chicken, fish, red meat, whole eggs, pulses, quinoa should be included in your regular diet for the purpose of clean bulking because it promotes muscle growth.

Healthy Fats:

With a sufficient number of proteins and carbohydrates, let’s not forget the importance of consuming ‘healthy fats’ during the whole bulking process. Athletes involved in intense workout sessions require good fats since it provides energy and supports cell growth and supports hormone function. One can include Eggs, Nuts like Walnuts, Almonds, Coconut oil, seeds, and ghee in their diet. Make sure not to avoid fats because they are as important as proteins and carbs when it comes to achieving a bulked-up physique.

Protein Supplements:

With an increase in the duration, frequency, and volume of resistance training, protein supplement intake might prove to be beneficial as it will promote gaining of muscle mass and enhance muscle strength in both trained and untrained individuals. We have a wide range of healthy protein supplements consisting of Whey protein, Advance Whey, Gainers, to help athletes achieve the body they’ve always dreamt of attaining.

Our MASSIVE MASS GAINER is crafted especially for athletes who seek to gain muscle mass and build strength in the body. Its advanced formula offers a combination of fast and slow digesting protein that helps in recovery and prevent muscle breakdown. If you are seeking additional calories, then the high-calorie drink can fulfill that requirement. Carbohydrates from clean sources also oversee that your carb requirements are met from time to time whenever the body needs it.

 With a composition of 1100 calories, 48-gram protein, and 3-gram creatine, this deliciously healthy weight gainer can be your perfect partner for clean bulking.

Nt Shruti Sethna
Certified Sports Nutritionist

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