Fuel it right!

Right nutrition to fuel your workout

As the name suggests, high-intensity interval training i.e. HIIT is intense and requires a large amount of energy. Good nutrition is therefore important to meet the energy demands of the body, but it is important that you eat the right food & the one thing we must take care of is what & when to eat. After all, there is no point in completing the exercise only to load up on extra carbs immediately after.


The intensity of HIIT means that your body needs to have a ready supply of nutrients. A few hours before the workout you should consume digestible carbohydrates & protein in a ratio of 3:1. Digestible & slow-release carbs include whole grain, oatmeal & nuts which can be prepared with protein sources like Boiled egg, tofu, or protein supplement. Foods that are rich in fiber should be avoided as that can cause stomach cramps. Also, too much protein/fats are not good ideas as it takes a long time to digest and be converted to energy.


The only thing you should be consuming during HIIT workout is still water. You might not want to waste valuable seconds taking a drink but getting thirsty can distract from the performance.


Try to eat carbohydrates, protein & some sugar to replace the energy used and to repair damaged muscles, but just eat to satisfy your appetite, especially if you want to lose weight. Effective post-workout meals include eggs, whole grains, and fish.

Bottom Line:

The benefits of HIIT are wide-ranging, but you’ll only see the benefits if you fuel your body correctly! Combining HIIT with the right nutrition will not only boost energy but also improve performance & optimize results.

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