5 Easy Fitness and Nutritional Resolutions for 2019

5 Easy Fitness and Nutritional Resolutions


In 2019, Sit down and Set some goals for healthy life. When it comes to setting fitness goals, keep in mind that small changes can lead to big rewards.

5 easy fitness and nutritional resolutions for 2019:


Resolution #1- Make vegetables and fruits a part of every meal. They are naturally good and contains vitamins, minerals and fiber that can keep you healthy. You should make a choice of having FIVE servings of vegetables and TWO servings of fruits in a day.

Resolution #2 – Choose water and low fat milk over a pop and fruit drinks. Pop, energy drinks and fruit drinks contains lots of calories but with zero nutrient. Replace that with water for well hydration and low fat milk to get benefited from various vitamins, minerals, protein and various antioxidants.

Resolution #3 – Experiment with whole grains. Whole grains have more fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals than the refined once. So choose whole grains!

Resolution #4 – Eat when you are eating. Try not to multitask (reading, watching TV, answering emails, etc.) while you eat. Instead sit at a table and enjoy what you are eating.

Resolution #5 – Exercise at the same time of the day. Research have suggested that people who have a regular time of the day that they workout have a higher rate of achieving their goals. Thus find the time of day that works for you.

Resolution #6 – Watch out your protein in every meal. Protein is must to help your body to carry many functions. Every meal of our daily diet should contain protein, can be in the form food or a protein supplement.

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